A FatCow Review from a Real Customer Hosted on FatCow.com

Check out this quick video I've made about FatCow showing around the control panel and testing speed with Wordpress!

Instant Setup

You can literally have your new domain and website up and running in probably less than 5 minutes. I know, that's how I did it when I signed up. It's instant!

Email & Business Tools

Whether you need an ecommerce site or just want to look more professional by having your own email extension, FatCow hands you all the tools.

Everything in a Box

You get everything that's standard among the top shared hosting companies, be it unlimited resources or One-Click Script Setup. If you are fond of Wordpress like me, that's the way to go!

Check out the features

When I first decided to write a webnickel.com, on of the main reasons I chose FatCow was that it was the most searched for hosting company at the time. On this page I am showing you how to get the best deal with them.

  • Unlimited Hosting, no restriction on the number of domain names, websites, databases, the used storage and bandwidth. (see below)
  • One Click Installation of the most popular scripts (Like Wordpress and Joomla)
  • Get unlimited email access like yourname@yourdomain.com (see below)
  • Use the built-in E-Commerce Features (see below)
  • Easy Hosting Management Panel (vDeck)
  • Get Marketing Credit for Google AdwordsFacebook and Yahoo (see below)


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Login Control Panel FTP Accounts File Manager Drag and Drop Site Builder example6

Check out the benefits

This website you are currently browsing is hosted by FatCow. I am a customer for years! Here is what I like about them:

  • A “Green Hosting ” company if that's something that's important for you
  • One of the “Cheapest Hosting Companies” ever, not that it's bad
  • Easily create your websites, be it static or something dynamic like Wordpress
  • Instantly start getting visitors by using the Advertizing Vouchers
  • Enjoy great Support
  • Unlimited resources let your business fly!
  • Unlimited Hosting, no restrictions on the number of domain names, websites, databases, the used storage and bandwidth.

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Webmail Login Email MySQL Domain Central Facebook Voucher Free Local Toll-free Number

Want more? Here are the details!

Business & Web Hosting

It is now known to many people that the best way to succeed in business today is to have a business website, through which prospective customers from different parts of the world would know more about the products and services you are offering. However, you could still fail in business if you did not choose your web hosting company wisely. A reliable company is important to making money through your business website, and FatCow is one of the popular hosting companies that are being considered today.

FatCow is one of the few web hosting companies running operations with the use of eco-friendly technologies. The company promotes the environment while at the same time offering high-quality web hosting and internet services. We shall quickly look at some of the things you will enjoy through the company.

Web Hosting

The web hosting plan from FatCow makes you to have your personal or business website online without problems. At just $38 per year, you will enjoy a lot of things like unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth, easy-to-install blogs and forums, easy-to-use site creation tools, e-store builder by ShopSite, wizards to add open source apps, and free Google and Yahoo! credits to advertise your products and services.

Control Panel and Tools

FatCow also provides many high-quality tools create and edit your websites. Within some minutes, those tools will get you up and running, and without any programming knowledge. Some of the different services under Website Management are design and professional services; credit card processing; disk space and bandwidth; scripting and databases; web site management tools; and many other services such as site backups and restore; WebSite Creator by CM4all and the newly introduced SiteLock Basic and ServiceMan.

If you are planning to create a website, the best company with which to register your domain name is FatCow. The company enables you to register a domain to make your email and site memorable. With FatCow, you will enjoy domain privacy, unique identity through domain name registration, transfer of existing domains from other companies to FatCow, management of subdomains where you need to direct traffic to them, and automated rebewal of domain names.

Email Services

FatCow also provides good email services for those who have a huge list of subscribers or prospective customers. You will be given the tools to create your email accounts with the use of the domain of your choosing. The company also enables you to add more email boxes to any of your existing account, giving you access to the use of Microsoft Exchange Mail, Microsoft Exchange Mobile Services and other email services such as additional email accounts and premium spam filter. The Exchange provided by FatCow are Premium (10GB), Plus (5GB) and Basic (2GB).

E-Commerce at your fingertips

With FatCow, one of the things you will enjoy is the ease of doing business online. You will be able to set up your online store with shopping cart, credit card processing, SSL Certificates and many other services. The great thing with these services is that your customers will enjpy full security when shopping on your website. Whether it is iPayment or PayPal, there are tools that will be set up to securely and easily receive credit card, debit card and bank account payments.

Wordpress, Drupal, Joomla and [replace with your favorite script]:)

If you need more internet resources for your websites and other applications, you should count on FatCow. The company enables you to add bandwidth and disk space and download hundreds of beautifully designed and free web Icons ideal for software and web projects.

Get them customers, tiger!

It is not enough to have websites for your businesses. You still need to let people know that you exist. That can only be done through high-quality web marketing services provided by FatCow. The company will help you to generate more traffic to your website through different whitehat linking and search engine optimization strategies not known to many people. The company has a team of SEO professionals that will initiate strategies to get your websites to the top of the search engines.

This review should have been able to open your eyes to what you are having when dealing with this company. Those are some of the services provided by FatCow, and a good thing is that they are available at good discounts. There are monthly, quarterly, half-yearly and yearly discounts that will enable you to have up to 35% off the normal prices. FatCow also has some services with free trial to know the quality of what you are getting. The ones without free trial come with money-back guarantee, which means that you can still get your money back if not satisfied with the service. Whether you want to run a personal, business or ecommerce website, there are different deals waiting for you.


To summarize, FatCow is a very funky hosting company.

I have signed up for one year with FatCow and decided to create this site and write this review, and hopefully make a couple bucks from affiliate commissions. None the less, I have shown you why I think FatCow is great!

Rating by David Lynn: 5.0 stars